Do You Have A Fever? A Fever Usually differentiates a Flu from the Common Cold.

Tragic Victims of the 2018 Flu Season

It's sad to see the tragedy in the deaths of all those who have died from the Flu and related illness this season.  Articles like this one  reminds us that it can happen to anyone.

Just goes to show you have to be very careful and protect yourself, best you can.

Some things I do to prevent catching the Cold/Flu are:

  • Wash my hands as soon as I get to work/home from my daily commute
  • Wash hands often, especially if you are touching any surfaces that others have touched who may be sick.  Things such as keyboards, mice, door knobs, Mobile phones are common items some people do not think about.
  • Eat lots of citrus, I've eaten more than my share of citrus fruits these last few weeks

I did catch a bad cold a few weeks ago and stayed home to prevent spreading it to my colleagues.  I waited 24 hours after my fever passed before heading back to work.  I took Tylenol to alleviate my fever and body aches.

What are your tips to help prevent the spread of the flu this season?  What have you done if you have caught the bug?

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